Best Tropical Fish For Beginners


Giving recommendations regarding the choice of fish for a beginner is a mug’s game. But we will try our best.

Firstly, these fish are the first for a person. You do not want a novice aquarist to get disappointed right off the bat and give up on this excellent and exciting hobby.

Secondly, all fish are unpretentious, and even beginners can take care of them — you only need to create suitable conditions and fish aquatic supplies.

Thirdly, it is a matter of opinion. Someone boldly starts with large predatory cichlids and rejoices. And someone loves small fish.

Aquarium fish for beginners, what are they? In our understanding, they must meet the following criteria:

  • Can live in small aquariums up to 100 liters. Beginners rarely buy larger fish tanks.
  • They should be beautiful, engaging, active. It is quite a significant thing because an aquarium is, in fact, visualization of Nature and Life. If some dull platydoras swim in the aquarium, it is unlikely that anyone will like it.
  • Fish should not be only low maintenance but also should not breed too fast and should not fight with everyone — be compatible with most other fish, after all. They must be in good health to withstand all the challenges that a beginner aquarist will arrange for them.
  • And the last important criterion is price. Fish should be budget-friendly. We doubt that a newbie will want to have pets worth more than 100 dollars for a unit.

Zebra Danio


Danio Rerio or Zebra Danio are unpretentious and peaceful fish. They require pH 6.5-8.0, temperature 22-24 ° C (although it tolerates 16 to 28 ° C). These fish eat with pleasure all types of food, both natural and dry. There are forms with lush fins, as well as some come in bright pink colors. Danio fits perfectly into aquariums with long-stemmed vegetation. It is best to keep a flock of at least 6-7 individuals. Danio is not big but a very mobile fish, and it is not worth settling them in a small aquarium less than 60 liters. But be aware — they can jump out of the water.


They are beautiful, playful and bright. Mollys look very nice in a flock in a plant aquarium and adapt to almost any condition. And, in general, they are some of the best aquarium fish for a beginner. They also come in so many colors and various shapes of their bodies and fins!


The most undemanding and adapted to aquariums species is black velvet mollies (black mollies). For a beginner aquarist, this is a great option. For 5-6 liters of water, you can have a couple of adult fish. The temperature in the aquarium for these pets can vary from 18 to 30 degrees. Fish perfectly tolerate such temperatures.



The guppy fish is an astonishing, unpretentious creature – a sight to see. But they multiply at the speed light! Get a male and two or three females, and by the end of the year, you will have a herd of guppies in your 20-liter aquarium! If it is not a problem, then it is a good choice for you as a beginner. The fish is excellent and low-maintenance.

Dwarf Gouramis

The Dwarf Gourami Pumila is a rather rare aquarium fish — a bright and attractive one. It is tiny — in Latin the word Pumila means dwarf.

Dwarf Gouramis

They are peaceful, gentle, shy, small, mobile schooling fish. It is possible to keep a group of fish in a school of 8 or more individuals with many females. Gourami dwarf can perfectly coexist with various characins, honey gourami. It is better to keep them in a fish tank with a volume of 20-25 liters, densely planted with large-leaved and small-leaved plants, shelters from driftwood and stone caves, in which they feel better. The soil should be slightly silted, sandy or fine gravel. The lighting should be bright. Since the gourami survives in the most adverse conditions, it is well suited for beginners.



Surprisingly beautiful, beautiful, unpretentious, daring — all these words can be said about the aquarium Siamese fighting fish. Commonly known as the bettas, they have a bright variable color. Males usually have plush, veiled fins. And you can easily take care of them.


For the life of the aquarium inhabitants to be calm and without victims, you need to know a few rules. So, it is undesirable to contain together:

– fish with a different diet and different requirements for water parameters;

– predatory and peaceful species;

– large and small fish.



Almost every second novice aquarist wants to get these fish. Yes, but for one goldfish, you need an aquarium of about 50 liters. They grow into large creatures! In addition, these fish often have problems with the gastrointestinal tract due to improper nutrition or since they swallow pebbles from the bottom of the aquarium. For similar reasons, we advise against starting with exotic fish. So, if you are a beginner, start with something simpler.

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